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Cris Albert
cris albert age

Whether you know her well or just have heard about her, there are several things you need to know about Cris Albert age. These include her career, her name, her death, and more.


During the early days of her life, Cris Albert was exposed to the fashion industry. Her mother was a model and show choreographer. She used to bring her daughter to her shows. Her mother was very strict about her modeling career. The young girl did not want to become a model. Instead, she turned into a marketing enthusiast.

After graduating from high school, Cris went on to study at St. Scholastica’s College and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. In addition, she also received a post-graduate diploma from INSEAD in France. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, she attended Harvard Business School and earned her post-graduate diploma in organizational leadership.

She became the president and CEO of iSport Life Inc., the sole distributor of FILA products in the Philippines. During her career, she has received numerous awards for her contributions to the fashion industry. In November 2019, she was honored as the Woman of the Year by the Asia Leaders Award. She also appeared on the cover of the Lifestyle Asian magazine.

She is currently studying at Harvard University for a Diploma Course in OPM (Organizational Performance Management). She is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Marketing Research.

Cris Albert is married to Butch Albert. They have two children, Carlo Albert and Isabella Albert. He works for FILA Philippines. In addition, Butch loves to ride horses. He is also the president of the iFoster nongovernmental organization.


FILA CEO Cris Albert passed away unexpectedly in Singapore on April 25, 2022. She is survived by her husband, son and mother. The cause of death is not yet known. The police are investigating the matter.

FILA is one of the leading sports footwear stores in the Philippines. It has 420 retail outlets nationwide. It is also the sole distributor of Fila products in the country. It has been a familiar brand among many Filipino families. It has received many accolades and awards, including the Dangal ng Bayan award for product excellence. It has won the Best Film award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013.

Cris Albert was the former CEO of Fila Philippines. She had been in the industry for more than fifteen years. He also held a master’s degree in management, and had also studied marketing research and advertising. He had previously served as the marketing manager of FILA.

Cris Albert had been in the fashion industry since childhood. Her mother, a supermodel, had shown her the fashion world and exposed her to the tactile world of textures and fabrics. As a child, she attended luncheon shows with her mother, and later started directing her own.

Cris Albert’s management led to the launch of four new retail concepts. He was also the president of sportswear company Fila Philippines. She guided Fila’s Fila to Mila Supply. She emphasized on local manufacturing. In addition, she introduced four new stores for the FILA brand. She also guided the company to expand its existing product lines.

Personal life

Known for being a businessman and social media personality, Cris Albert died in Singapore on April 23, 2022. Several sources have reported that the 52-year-old was involved in a dangerous mishap. However, authorities have yet to confirm these reports.

Cris Albert was born in the Philippines. She was the daughter of former supermodel Wanda Louwallien. Her mother encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion. She also introduced her to the world of textures and creation. She attended shows as a child, learning about fabrics, composition, and tones.

Cris was educated at St. Scholastica’s College. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She studied at Harvard Business School and INSEAD, where she took a post-graduate course in organizational leadership. She also earned a diploma in marketing research.

Cris had a busy schedule. She worked as a regional manager for Fila. She also managed other businesses such as Isport Life Inc., Malbert Holdings, and YPO Asean. Her net worth is believed to be around $5-6 million. She has two children. Her daughter is Isabella and her son is Carlo.

Cris was a great leader for FILA. She helped to boost the brand’s global status in a short period of time. She was responsible for guiding the company to Mila Supply. She was also recognized for her contribution to the business by Ayala Merchants. She was awarded the Woman of Substance award. She received multiple awards for her work in fashion.


Earlier today, it was announced that Cris Albert, a well-known Filipino businesswoman and entrepreneur passed away. Her cause of death is still under investigation, but the police are considering the possible factors that led to the incident.

Cris Albert was a well-known figure in the fashion industry. She had appeared in several advertisements. She also was known for her involvement in the YPO Asean. She was married to philanthropist Butch Albert and had two children. She is also the founder and president of MA Holdings.

Cris Albert’s death is a great loss to her family and friends. She had been a loving mother of two children. She also had a number of admirers. She was passionate about business and trade. She also founded a non-government organization named Operation Compassion. It is a nonprofit organization that supports orphaned children with DSWD.

She had been involved in the fashion industry since childhood. She grew up watching her mother, Wanda Louwallien, on the runway. Her mother’s interest in fashion helped Cris Albert develop an interest in the field. She studied at Assumption College in Makati and received a bachelor’s degree in marketing. She then earned a master’s degree in entrepreneurial studies from Harvard Business School. She also graduated from the Asian Institute of Management.

She was also a member of the Young Presidents Organization. She was a recipient of the Asia Leaders Award Woman of the Year in November 2019. She received her Scale-up license from the Department of Trade and Industry in September 2018.

Cris Albert also has a daughter, Bella. She is said to be very keen in the fashion industry.

Her husband’s name

FILA CEO Cris Albert passed away suddenly on April 25, 2022. Her body was found in a hotel in Singapore. She was 52 years old at the time of her death. It is yet to be determined how she died, but police are investigating the matter.

Cris Albert was a businesswoman and a social media star. She was also the President of Fila Philippines. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5-6 million. She has two children. Her son is 22 years old. She has not announced the date of her wedding.

She was also a member of the Young Presidents Organization. She received a commendation for her role in the community. She was also named as the Asia Leaders Award Woman of the Year. She studied in France and at Harvard University. She has a Masters degree in management and a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has earned several diplomas in organizational leadership and entrepreneurial studies. She also completed a postgraduate training at INSEAD, France. She is a YPO Asean Regional Champion.

Her mother is a former supermodel and show choreographer. She grew up in a house that was rich with furnishings and drapes. Several of her parents’ activities helped to give her a clear sense of purpose.

Albert’s husband is Butch Albert, who works for FILA Philippines. He is an avid horse rider. He has been a part of the FILA family since 1992. He has a daughter named Isabella.

Celebrating her birthday

Usually, Cris Albert’s birthday celebration is an elaborate affair. It revolves around a glamorous “Baroque” theme. It usually draws together the worlds of fashion, business, and politics. In this case, it was a lavish fusion of high fashion, music, and cocktails.

During her lifetime, Cris was known for her fashion achievements. She was awarded several honors for her work in the field. In November of 2019, she was voted Woman of the Year by the Asia Leaders Award. This is a non-government organization.

She was also a member of the Young Presidents Organization. She received a Scale-up license in September of this year. She is a philanthropist and is credited for her contribution to a number of charities. She is the founder of Operation Compassion, a non-government organization.

She is also the Managing Director for FILA Philippines, a global sportswear brand that has become one of the most popular in the world. She has a son and a daughter, Carlo and Bella, and a husband, Butch. Butch is an avid horse rider. He used to help with the smoke machine. The two were recently spotted enjoying a long weekend in Balesin. They were also dressed in island attire.

There is no word on why she died. It is believed that her death was accidental. However, it is believed that she met Cris in a car accident. She was 52 years old at the time of her passing.

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