Top Apps to Keep Your Dog Safe

Top Apps to Keep Your Dog Safe

Taking care of your dog is very important when you are a dog-lover. One of the things about getting yourself a dog is that you need to think about keeping your dog healthy and safe. For that, there are so many apps and gadgets that you can use and keep track of your dog and its activities.

In the current digital age, there are applications that you can use for both Android and iOS and even connect some apps to your smartwatch as well. You can use these applications using Spectrum internet service that keep you connect to the internet at all times. If you are someone who is located in Redding, CA, then you can look out for internet services by Spectrum Redding CA.

There are some devices and applications that use internet to keep a check on your dog’s activities and location with the sole purpose to ensure your dog’s health, safety and well-being. Let’s have a look at a few apps that you can use on your iPhone:  

Tractive GPS for Dogs and Cats

You can use the Tractive GPS for your dog and connect it to the iOS app. The app is very useful to track and locate your dog and if your dog runs away, you will be able to have information about your dog’s whereabouts on the map without being concerned about the distance limit and get real-time tracking of your dog.

Some of the main features of the app allow you to track and monitor your dog, see the history of places where your dog has gone in the past, set a Virtual Fence which is more like a safe zone and get notifications when your dog leaves that designated area. You can even share the GPS Tracker with your friends and family so that if your dog runs away, you can ask a friend or a family member can still look out for your dog.

App Store Ratings: 4.6

Pup to Date – Puppy Schedule

The app provides pet lovers with the best way to train your puppy. Using Pup to Date you can create an organized and positive train session for your pup which is very helpful for them to grow. The app lets you have a look at when your dog or pup’s used the bathroom the last time and even look at their feeding time as well. It can also get you information about the last time your dog used their medication and almost anything that you want to keep a track of.

The app has this amazing feature where you can set reminders to keep your schedules intact, especially when you are working with a puppy and you need to keep a tight schedule and take your puppy to the bathroom. You can even use the app on your Apple Watch to track your training without looking at your phone every now and then.

App Store Ratings: 4.7

Pet First Aid:

This is one of the best apps to take care of your dog and gets you daily advice within your reach. There are different videos, quizzes and simple steps that you can follow. The interface of the app gets you convenient toggles if you have a dog and a cat and you need content on both of them. There are simple step-by-step guides that can keep you prepared to protect your pet all the time.

You can use this information to administer medication, use different behavioral apps to act in case of an emergency or disaster. You can also take preventive measures using the early sign checker and learn upto 25 common situations and problems that your pet might get itself into. There is a special that can help you locate an emergency vet hospital or a pet-friendly hotel that is near your location

App Store Ratings: 4.3


The app is very useful for people who are traveling or looking forward to find a location where they can take their dog. This can be a dog park, beach, or trail where you want to have a good time with your dog. It is the most used resource that looks for places where you can bring your pets and get information on the go. You can use BringFido almost everywhere around the world and also lets you book pet-friendly hotels at reasonable prices. You can search around using filters by distance, prices, popularity and rating.

App Store Ratings: 4.9

In the end, one can say that keeping dogs and other pets safe is not a problem anymore. All you need to do is be a little more careful while handling these little fellas and give them proper attention whenever you can. It is very helpful for your dog’s growth and health.

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