VALORANT Phoenix Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More

This manual explores VALORANT’s Phoenix person, the Duelist representing the United Kingdom. Phoenix makes use of hearthplace skills to harm enemies at the same time as recuperation himself. He is a effective solo person with outstanding software talents that are available in available greater frequently than now no longer.

Let’s dive into the VALORANT Phoenix manual and check his skills, gameplay, and a few techniques to apply him effectively

Phoenix Signature Ability: Hot Hands

Phoenix’s signature circulate is Hot Hands, which is basically a Molotov he throws that ignites the floor and heals another person that stands in it. Hot Hands, along side Blaze, each heal Phoenix through the years at the same time as status withinside the flames.

Phoenix can make use of this circulate to dam off choke points, to flush enemies out of corners and tenting spots, and additionally to heal himself. It’s comparative to the Molotov from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It lasts for some seconds, and it recharges on its very own on account that it’s Phoenix’s signature circulate.


Phoenix’s “C” key cappotential is referred to as Blaze. This is essentially a wall of flame that you could bend whilst you throw it. Mastering this circulate is genuinely form of complicated due to the fact you best have a totally quick time frame in which you could pick out the direction for Blaze. You have to pull your crosshair in which you need the wall to bend via way of means of maintaining FIRE (left-click).

You can make use of this cappotential in lots of situations. First, it’s outstanding for blocking off imaginative and prescient. That’s what partitions are for after all. Walling off regions will let you execute techniques at the attacking team, in addition to save you groups from pushing whilst you’re on defense. Players will now no longer need to leap via the wall due to the fact they’ll get broken and feature a intense imaginative and prescient disadvantage.

Blaze is likewise outstanding for recuperation your self whilst you’re in a bind. Maybe your Hot Hands is on cooldown and you’re low on HP. Pop this ability down and stand internal of it to benefit a few fitness back. You can bring this sort of in keeping with spherical and it prices two hundred creds to purchase.

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