Ways to Use Dry Shampoo on Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Shampoo and Conditioner
Learn how to use dry shampoo on hair extensions in 4 ways. Dry shampoo is a great way to decrease your wash days and keep your hair healthy.

1. How to Use Dry Shampoo on Hair Extensions

If you have hair extensions, you should be using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a great way to keep your extensions looking clean and fresh. It will also help you save money by extending the life of your extensions. Here are four ways to use dry shampoo to extend the life of your hair extensions.

2. Wash Your Hair Extensions, Less, With Dry Shampoo

The trick is to use dry shampoo instead of wet shampoo so you don’t have to wash your hair as often. The less you wash your hair, the less you’re going to damage it.
What you don’t want to happen is your grooming regimen leads to drier hair.
After a moderate amount of dry shampoo is all that is needed to transform wet hair into silky-smooth, smooth dry hair.
How does it work? Normally shampoo will leave your hair looking shiny if used “all the time.” By using a dry shampoo regimen, however, all those oily scalp oils and perm cells are calmed. The keratinocytes (keratinized cells) turn into fine hair fibres. Keratin is essentially the tough, hair-like substance that makes hair shiny and without it, hair might look dull.
How to use dry shampoo:
Apply to damp hair and massage the shampoo into the hair as much as possible. Use enough shampoo so you don’t get the excess product on your hands and get some bubbles forming on your scalp. Let the shampoo sit for 5–10 minutes so the oil in the hair absorbs some of the product. Rinse with water to get the oils off your hair. The oil diffuses through your hair, sealing in all the great benefits of the dry shampoo.

3. Tips for Using Dry Shampoo on Hair Extensions

Dry shampoos are great to use on your hair extensions because it helps you extend the time between washing and styling your hair. Some dry shampoos are made specifically for hair, but you can also use baby powder or corn starch to dry shampoo your hair extensions.
You can use baby powder, corn starch, or even a dry shampoo meant for your hair extensions. When it comes to showering, putting on make-up, and washing your hair, I can do all of that in as little as 5 minutes, but when it comes to dry shampoo your new shiny updo into place.
How to Dry Shampoo Your Hair Extensions: Two-Piece Hair
The first thing to keep in mind is that dry shampoo applies to your whole hair, not just the extensions. This means you don’t have to wash your hair multiple times like you typically would with regular shampoo for your hairpieces. Apply the dry shampoo to the whole head as though you’re shampooing your hairpieces. This includes your temples, crown, and any other hair outside of your extensions.
Once you shampoo your head, rinse your head thoroughly with cool water. After rinsing, use a conditioner if required. If using conditioner, give it about 5 to 10 minutes to work in. If your conditioner is too thick, you can either use something like conditioner that is thicker than the hair itself or thicken it with something like cooking oil before you shampoo. If you are looking to buy Hair Extension Shampoo and Conditioner, Don’t wait further. Cosmetize UK has the best collection of shampoos and conditioners for hair extensions.
How to Dry Shampoo Your Hair Extensions: Individual Hairpieces
Once your shower is finished, you will want to separate hair from the extensions. You can do this by taking a hair tie or pulling all the hair pieces out of your hair. Take all of the hairpieces and put them in a plastic bag or Ziploc bag and shake it up a bit.

4. DIY Dry Shampoo on Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun and easy way to add length and volume to the hair. They can be pricey, though, and some of us don’t have the budget to spend on them. Luckily, there’s no need to spend money on extensions when you can make your very own DIY dry shampoo. The best thing about dry shampoo is you can follow the directions and make your hair shine. It’ll improve the curls, prevent hair condensation, and give your tips a boost.
There are different levels of ingredients you can use, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. However, the minimum you should be using is a quality oil that isn’t synthetic.
Oil (Tallow, palm, grape seed, etc) — This is the main ingredient that adds volume and helps hold the shampoo in your hair. After adding the ingredients for your shampoo, you’ll want to massage some oil into your hair. 
Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, and Triethicone — These are the “LG” (elongated aluminium hydroxide) and “ALA” (alkaline aluminium hydroxide) parts of the formula that give the shampoos their colour and hold.


Dry shampoo is a great way to decrease the number of wash days without sacrificing the health of your hair. It’s an easy way to add volume to flat hair and add texture to limp hair. It’s also a great way to decrease the amount of breakage that can occur when you wash and style your hair every day. It has been used for centuries to treat specific skin issues and many dermatologists and cosmetologists now recommend its use on hair as well.

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