Different ways in which you can use Lelashwa Essential oil

Lelashwa Essential oil

Lelashwa is a shrub that is commonly found in the Southern and Eastern parts of Africa. The shrub is identified as a medicinal valued small tree. When traveling to Africa, you will find that the tree is determined by many different names. Wild cotton and Camphor are some of the most common words. The tree is native to only sub-continentals parts of the continent.

You will also find many suppliers selling quality Lelashwa essential oil. Oil is also a common ingredient used in cooking. The local people name the essential oil Mikalambati in the local Swahili language.

You travel to any part of Africa – Kenya to Maasai, you will find people using this essential oil. Several local suppliers sell freshly extracted essential oil for the best price. In all other parts of the globe, the oil is available as a herbal remedy.

Commercial significance

Essential oils have always been considered the best commercial value product. This means that essential oil is used for many different reasons. It is one of the most critical ingredients in many therapies. It is also added to the food as a flavoring.

The Lelashwa essential oil offers numerous benefits. This is why you will find that most Western countries, including the UK, import this oil from different parts of Africa.

Psychic benefits


Lelashwa has long been associated with solid psychic feelings. The oil is used for a lot of voodoo practices. As per the local belief, the oil helps in driving away from the evil forces. The oil is also considered the Defender of the night. This is why the oil is used as a home spray.

It is one of the essential ingredients in many local household sprays and air fresheners. The oil is appreciated for its rich orchid fragrance. Many people in the local community still use this oil in the form of sprays.

It helps relieve fleas and ticks.

The oil is extracted from the barks of the Lelashwa tree. The moment the bark of the tree is rubbed, the oil is released. You will find many wild animals, including elephants, deer, antelopes, and gazelles rubbing their bodies against the Lelashwa tree bark.

The oil that is released will easily rub on the skin of the animals. This helps in relieving them from fleas and ticks. This is one everyday use of oil. Wild animals as well are familiar with the benefits of this oil. It is effective in healing skin wounds.

If you are suffering from any such skin-related conditions, then you can rub few drops of this oil on the affected area.

Healing properties

essential oils that are on a table

Any essential oil is always appreciated for its healing properties. But Lelashwa oil is mainly appreciated because it helps in the healing process. If you are hurt or have an open wound, you can apply this oil to the affected area on the skin.

It will help in speeding up the healing process. This is why you will find a lot of local medics using this oil for treatment and cure. It is one of the main ingredients in any local skincare potion. You will also find a lot of commercial grades skincare products using this oil as the main ingredient.

You can Get More Details on Leleshwa Essential Oil online. The oil has been used as a necessary remedy since traditional times.

Helps deter insects

The oil has a unique aroma. The moment it is diffused in the air, the smell will quickly spread around the entire room. This is why it is also the best remedy if you want to get rid of the insects in the room.

The oil is used as a common insect deterring potion. Many insect repellant sprays and incense sticks will have this oil as the main ingredient. It can drive away all types of insects.

It helps promote sleep pattern

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The oil is also appreciated for its soothing effects. It will calm your mind and body. It can be used directly in the diffusers. You can also mix the oil with other oils and burn it like an incense stick. This is one unique use of this oil as it will help in improving your sleep pattern.

You can also search for various medicinal use of this Lelashwa essential oil. Just ensure you buy a quality product from the best supplier.

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