9 Best Tips for Magnificent Eyelashes

9 Best Tips for Magnificent Eyelashes

Keeping eyelashes clean and healthy is a part of hygiene. The eyelashes have a massive impact in protecting your eyes from dust and debris. Most people desire long, curvy eyelashes, but sometimes, you don’t follow the basics of regularly cleaning the eyelashes.  

You don’t know which eyelash moisturizer may work for you to keep your eyelashes healthy and luscious. In this blog, we will talk about a few steps you should do every day to keep your eyelashes moisturized and healthy.

The Necessity of Eyelashes

Eyelashes act as a shield to your eyes. Also, it can give protection against UVA and UVB rays. The best part is, eyelashes have powerful and relaxing effects on your eyes. These also help in maintaining nourishment and keep protection from rain, sweat, and unnecessary elements.

Eyelashes help in maintaining a good eye shape and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Generally, they are collective hair that expands around the edge and works as a dust catcher, sensor, & protect blinking at the same time.

There is a connection between eyelashes and the nerve system, when suddenly something happens in front of you, eyelashes can blink in no time. Just like the particles, they help to sweep substances and help to keep the inner area of your eyes. Keep reading this write-up to get details regarding healthy eyelashes.

Tips to Get Beautiful Eyelashes

Consistently Clean Your Eyelashes

Some eye makeup can not be removed easily. You can use makeup remover to clean your eyes. Remember to avoid rubbing or scrubbing your eyes. It can hurt your eyes, including your eyelashes.

Harsh massage can damage collagen and elastin surrounding your eyes. Also, it can be the reason for itching and irritation. Ruining collagen and elastin can increase fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin around your eyes.

Nourishment is Required

Generally, most people who suffer from short eyelashes or fall-out lashes do not know the actual reason behind this. It can happen from lack of hydration in your eyelash. Make sure to moisturize your eyelashes to prevent fall-out or short eyelashes.

You can use coconut oil, vitamin E, and olive oil as eyelash conditioners. Regularly apply those oils to your index finger and gently massage them to provide shine & growing eyelashes.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Stay away from the makeup products that contain harmful chemicals. Make sure to avoid those synthetic ingredients like dry alcohol, teflon, and coal tar. The harsh chemicals can be the reason for breakage, dryness, and fragility.

For healthy and growing eyelashes, you can use makeup products with natural ingredients. Paraben-free, aroma-free, and phthalate-free products might be helpful for you.

Do Not Use Eyelashes Perms

Eyelash perming method is called a lash-lifter. Through perming, you can get lovely and curved lashes but it has side-effects too. Eyelashes perming formulation and glue can do allergic reactions. It can be a reason for irritation in the eye area.

This perming process can damage your lashes. Besides this, it can break and make your lashes falling-out. Redness, blister, watery eyes, and eye infection are the common problems of perming your lashes.

Use Curler for Lashes 

If you find a temporary solution for flirty lashes, a curler might assist with uplifting lashes.After curling eyelashes, your eyes look widened and brightened & pop-up face features. 

Regularly using a curler for curling lashes can give proper shape and an instant uplifting effect for a long time. The application of a curler with serum may work as an eyelash moisturizer.

Apply Organic Makeup

Makeup is a must for any occasion. An eye makeup application contracts your eye with a catchy look and enhances features. Still, be careful about the makeup products you are using. 

You can try organic products instead of chemical ones as a healthy option. Regular usage of chemical products can make your lashes dull, dry, and frizzy. On the other hand, using organic products helps to protect your lashes while enhancing your looks.

Take a Break From False Lashes

Most people feel uncomfortable with false eyelashes. It weakens and breaks your eyelashes in no time. Also, false lashes can stop your lash growth. The heavy weight of fake eyelashes can be a reason for irritation and itching.

The glue used to attach fake lashes to the gap can be a reason for allergic reactions. Your eyelid and cornea are also affected by using fake lashes. False lashes contain chemical materials that are not breathable from natural lashes. So, this can also be a reason for dry eyelashes.

Rinse Your Eye Makeup on Time

The first rule for having healthy and lively eyelashes is to clean your eye makeup before going to bed. Staying in heavy makeup for a whole night can damage your lashes and make these rough and brittle.

You can apply cleanser for cleaning your lashes and face. Make sure to use cleanser according to your skin type. Cleaning eyelashes can prevent blistering, redness, and inflammation.

Trust the Growth Process

Avoid wiping the lowest part of your eyes. It can ruin the growth structure of your lashes. Gently massaging eyelashes can help to prevent breakage and fall-out. Eyelash is a delicate part of your face, use the mild product while removing eye makeup.

Consistency is the key to achieving everything, there are no exceptions about eyelashes. Healthy eyelashes can not be constructed overnight. You must follow baby steps for better outcomes.


Selecting an eye conditioner is a brainstorming task to do. If you want to know more related to products that keep your lash hydrated, you may visit the MD Factor website. 

Here you can find different varieties of products that may be useful for conditioning eyelashes. You must know your eyelash requirements before using any products. On the MD Factor website, you can get many products that are suitable for all lashes and fulfill your needs too.

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